Here are some things I've worked on:

  • A website interface for CoeBot, a bot that moderates chat channels on the popular livestreaming service Twitch. (GitHub)
  • Jimbox: A simple file organization app I built for my English professor dad, who is currently organizing hundreds/thousands of letters written by John Updike. (more info)
  • ImLiveYo: A replacement for the email notifications on livestreaming service Twitch which sends a Yo whenever any channel a user follows goes live. Made at DandyHacks 2015.
  • Steamblr: A highly customizable theme for Tumblr blogs, designed to look and feel much like the website for the popular gaming platform Steam. (GitHub, demo)
  • phpStageManager: A web-based organization tool for theatre productions. This was my first project using PHP.
  • CraftBoot: A bootstrapper for SKCraft Launcher that makes the powerful Minecraft modpack launcher more accessible to server owners.
  • CoolStoryBro: A plugin for Bukkit (Minecraft servers) that can assign random nicknames from a list (the default list consists of about two hundred "bro names", i.e. Edgar Allan Broe, Stephen Brolbert, etc).

This projects page is still under construction, but you can find screenshots of some of these projects on my old website.

Little things

Besides my big projects, I have many simple scripts, tools, and pages that were made quickly one afternoon. Here are some of them: