Holy crap man. Okay so there's this dude, Domenick Nati (@KingOfContacts), and he's a publicist/agent for celebrities — he has clients like the rapper DMX. For a while, Nati had a Wikipedia article. I somehow stumbled upon it in mid-March, and noticed it seemed to be kinda promotional and also didn’t sufficiently prove that he was a notable person according to Wikipedia’s guidelines, so I started a deletion discussion.

Nati responded to this by creating tons of fake accounts (or "sockpuppets", in Wikipedia lingo) and trying to vote to keep the article (side note: okay, I’m pretty sure the accounts were created by Nati, but I suppose it could have been an employee or friend or something; whatever). It was incredibly obvious that these accounts were sockpuppets, so all his accounts were banned, and the article was ultimately deleted by consensus.

He then created an article about his business, Nati Celebrity Services, which was essentially a reworded version of the first article. That article was also tossed out by a deletion discussion. Undeterred, he then re-made the "Domenick Nati" article, and it was quickly re-deleted and "salted" (which means the title was blocked so no article could be made with that name).

So now that his name is blocked, he stops… right? Nope, he re-makes this article under the title "Domenick Nati Jr". That gets deleted and blocked, and then he makes "Domenick Nati II". And then this happens again with "Domenick L. Nati". And then with "Domenick Nati I". Amusingly, he had a link to his Wikipedia article in his Twitter bio that he kept updated every time he re-posted the article — I just made a daily habit of checking his Twitter bio to tag the newest link for deletion.

A few days ago, I thought, "ok, this has gotten ridiculous". I made a post on the administrator's incident noticeboard asking that *domenick*nati* be added to the title blacklist, so no variation of his name could exist. The title blacklist is very rarely used for this purpose, but in this case it was warranted, and an admin fulfilled my request.

I thought finally we'd be done with this. NOPE! Today I get on Wikipedia and discover he's made a new article titled "Domenick Natti". Apparently this dude is so desperate for a Wikipedia article he's willing to misspell his name to get it. At this point I'm just dumbfounded. He just won't give up, even though we've made it painfully obvious that we're not going to allow his article to stand (and it's always the same exact article, character for character, save one tiny addition about a viral photo at one point).

I haven't even mentioned Bobo Norco and Ryan Totka, two other articles that appear to also be written by Nati and repeatedly deleted/created in the same pattern (Bobo Norco, aka Sean McBride, is one of Nati's celeb clients, and Ryan Totka is another celebrity publicist — maybe a friend or colleague of Nati's?). There’s no point to this story; I’m just baffled by this behavior and wanted to share it. If you're curious, you might check out the many many sockpuppet investigations of this guy (listed under his first account, JellyfishFilms).

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